Frequently Asked Questions

Well...first we are very happy that you like this pay it forward concept as much as we do.  (Thank you Megan for the inspiration !) And we are grateful that you're willing to support it! There are several ways you can help to spread this project so lots and lots of people may benefit from it.
Here's some ideas what you could do and of course we're open to hear about anything you may suggest that will help!

  • If you know someone who already is paying it forward in their practice or business then please add their website address in the contact form below, so we can contact them and add their website in the Pay it Forward Directory.
  • Next time you visit your favorite therapists you could ask if they have a pay it forward fund for donations. This may inspire them to start one!
  • You can share the website in Facebook  groups and other social media.

Nothing at all !  It's already been paid for by someone else. You may CHOOSE to also pay it forward by donating something, but that is totally up to you 🙂

Oh that one is easy to answer. It's because we only recently started this project and website!  It may take some time before all of you interested will find this place.. but I'm sure -with your help- this directory will grow real fast.
Keep spreading the news forward ! 🙂

When selecting the main category, make sure you pick "online sessions only".  Just pick a city on the map where you're located and the pin on the map will show a different color, indicating that you're only offering online sessions.

If that's the case, then our apologies about that.
The fact is that we are just a bunch of website building amateurs and trying hard to make things look good and work at the same time. And yes, sometimes things are not working they way we expected they would.:(

We appreciate your support in this by letting us know what kind of website bugs you have found. You can use the contact form to reach us.
Thank you so much! 🙂

If you have any ideas, tips or suggestions you'd like to share, the please let us know ! 🙂
Thank you!