Redeem your pre-purchased listing

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your donation enables others to add their listing in the directory.
Thank you for Paying it Forward!

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100% discount code: SECONDSHOT

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100% discount code: PIFREE

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100% discount code: LISA

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100% discount code: RAINBOW

How to add your own listing


Select a sticky note from the wall

Adding your own listing to the directory starts with picking a post-it note from the wall above. Write down the 100% discount code, which pays for your listing. Someone else has been so kind to Pay it Forward. If you don't want to pay anything then you can use this code at checkout.


Redeem your listing

Go to the 'add listing form' and select the Free Basic Listing Package. Fill in the rest of the form and after submitting click checkout, where you can add the discount-code (written below your sticky note) which creates the 100% discount for you. So you're not paying anything to get your listing in the directory.


How to Pay it Forward?

You may also choose to Pay it Forward and make a donation by clicking on the donation buttton below. With each donation, a post-it note goes up on the wall of this website and another person can pick a post-it note to pay for his or her listing in the directory on this website.