How can Pay it Forward?

The Challenge

I’m sure it must have happened to you as well, getting calls from clients who were seeking therapy or counsel, but because of circumstances, they often cannot afford your services. And perhaps in your heart you’d like to help these people for free because you don’t just want to turn anyone away because of money. But at the same time you realize that you still need to make a living.

The Inspiration

There’s a pizza place in Philadelphia – Rosa’s Fresh Pizza – where you can buy a slice of pizza for someone in need in the community. The way it works is heartwarming and inspiring: through the day, paying customers can donate a dollar a slice for somebody in need, using a post-it note system to track redeemable pizza slices. The community has given away more than 150,000 free slices.


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The Solution

This is where you can model the pay it forward pizza idea and create a win-win-win  situation for everyone involved.

Instead of accepting gratuities in your practice you can ask your clients to put that money into the Pay it Forward fund so someone else can benefit from it who might not otherwise have been able to. With each donation, a post-it note goes up on the wall or notice board of your practice, and a client can pick a post-it note to pay for his or her session. It does not need to be an all-or-nothing thing; the client can use whatever amount he or she would like toward the cost of a session. And -most importantly- no questions asked 🙂


Get some colorful Post-its

You can have them posted on the wall or other place where your clients can see them.
(skip this step if you only have online clients)

You can be the first one in your own practice to pay it forward. Donate one or more sessions for free.
Example: Let's say your session costs $70 p/hour. Then you divide that amount on different post-its (for example: 3 x $10, 3 x $5, 1x$13, 2x$6)

Your clients will notice the colorful notes in your room and no doubt some will ask about it. This will give you the chance to explain and even inspire the client to participate. 🙂

You can create your own unique pay it forward cards. You may want to consider printing them. Tip: Leave part of your card blanc for your handwritten message 🙂

For example you can leave them in the waiting room of another therapist or a clinic.

If you don't want your wall plastered with post-it notes then you can create a notice board.

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Write about this on your website

Create a webpage on your website that explains your Pay it Forward business model.

Let your clients know how much there is available in your pay it forward fund. Also add a link to part of your site where you explain them about your Pay it Forward project.

You can setup a free Paypal account for your 'Pay it Forward Fund' and place a donation button on your website

Click on the link below to see what Megan Belanger - a massage therapist- has created on her website:touch of kindness

If you have any ideas, tips or suggestions you'd like to share, the please let us know ! 🙂
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Put yourself on the map!

Let your clients know where to find you and get listed in the Pay It Forward directory for free!

Get your business listed for free in our Pay it Forward directory. Help people find you!
You can share
* your images
* your email, website, facebook links
* the pay it forward arrangements you are offering.
* your location on the map

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